Repiderme Placenta Repair Essence

Rejuvenescent precious anti-aging maintenance product---Placenta Repair Essence [Forever Young] is the dream that the Yaffa pursue from the time immemorial. With the development of science and satisfaction of material, people are more like to keep youth and beauty forever. Placenta is called the source of life and regard as natural hormone. It also is called as Rejuvenation Essence because it can accelerate skin destabilization and make skin back to youth and tightening. Placenta is rich in protein, saccharine, vitamin, trace element, natural steroid, amino acid, ferment, hormones, ultra filtration material, immunological factor and nerve activated factor and so on. It can adjust internal secretion balance, supply nutrition, Moisturize skin, Beautifies. It is the best Revitalizing material and can keep the lady young forever. Magic Placenta is the favorite of many Fresh, Celebrities, Entertainment circle and people from all walks of life. Placenta is a kind of maintenance product with biological activity, highly Purred and nutrition. Placenta solution: Ingredient: EGF, Placenta, Hyaluronic Acid, wool keratin, Red Guava, Silk Protein, Ginkgo Extract, Vitamin E, Natto extract, preservative, Demonized water. Main Application Support nutrition to accelerate metabolism, revive, giving skin compensatory moisture, improving skin lasting protection, accelerating development of collagen and elasting, decreasing line and consequently slowing your skin aging, also adjust the problems of skin dull and evens out skin imperfections. It will moisturize, repair, sensitivity protect and revive your soft skin. 1. making the face skin naturally exude oil that not only can make you radiant but also can prevent skin from becoming too day or flaky. 2. It is an intangible coordinator, balancer. It can recover your skin to stable condition and effectively repair. 3. It improves the skin function, prevent light injury and inhibit the effect of T yrosinase. Also it can whiten skin, repair the wounds, heal up skin pigment and make the skin exquisite, smooth and white touched with red. 4. It accelerates form of collagen and reinforces the skin temper. Your skin elasticity and thickness are strengthened. It Perfect your skin dry darkness anetodermia, line and aging problem. It reappear your smooth perfect skin. Additional function 1. Revitalizing skin, suit for all types of skin, especially mature and dry type. 2. Applying on face and hands, lightening darkness, age spot and line. 3. Applying around eye and neck, whitening pigment around eye and neck line, make your skin sparkling and soft. Application Method: after cleaning the skin at morning and night, take proper amount to apply on face and neck and pat lightly until the skin absorb all liquid.